LAF with God creatively uses the pure wholesome behaviors of puppies to help teach children:

What Love is.
What Love is not.
And how to tell the difference!

If Jesus asks, “Who Let The Dogs Out?” … Tell Him it was YOU!

LAF with God is inspired by Love, puppies, our own personal spiritual journeys, and a passionate desire to help make a difference in the lives of young children.

Programs & Pricing


An amazing 6-part series on 1 Corinthians 13 for children ages 6-11.

Includes Alpha Dog Leader Kit

Plus shipping.

Speaking of Love

It is rare when one encounters a movement or an organization that has the potential to change the world. LAF with God is that. It’s new, fun, powerful and, at the same time, deeply Christian. In a culture of division, hatred and anger, it is also so needed and well-timed. Check it out. You will be glad I told you about it.
And then tell others. They will thank you!

Steve Brown,
Founder Key Life Network, Inc. and Bible Teacher

Puppy Love

LAF with God uses puppy behaviors, videos, and images to visually communicate each lesson, helping children to emotionally connect with the teaching. Puppies are great teachers because they are Loving, Accepting, Forgiving and playful. The effect of watching puppy videos is also scientifically proven to be therapeutic, reduce anxiety, increase compassion, and improve human relationships.