LAF It Off! is the amazing story of a struggling young girl that learns the secret to happiness from a group of adorable puppies.

Hope gets lost on her eleventh birthday and finds herself in a magical, mystery park. The park is filled with puppies. Only these are no ordinary puppies! They can talk, and they have a message for Hope. This message will change her life forever.

The puppies take Hope on a fantastic journey. They guide her through enchanted forests, dangerous adventures, and uplifting encounters. Hope’s playful new friends use the challenges they face to reveal the secret to their happiness. They have a superpower!

The puppies tell Hope that she has it too. In a way that only puppies can do, they show Hope exactly how to unleash this superpower!

*LAF It Off! is also available at an additional discount with the purchase of the UnLeash God’s Love program. (One copy is included in The Alpha Dog Leader Kit)