In 2018, Travis Vining was inspired to create a kindness program for high school students using puppy behaviors to be offered through his student travel
business in Central Florida. The program was designed to encourage students to share kindness by using gratitude cards with cute puppy images during student band trips to Orlando.

The new program required the creation of an inspirational video which led Travis to Daniel Beyra, founder of Creative Particle in South Florida. Daniel recognized the incredible value of using puppy behaviors to teach young people lessons about kindness and enthusiastically became a major influence in the program’s development.

The program was a success but changed directions when travel stopped as a result of the pandemic in 2020. Recognizing an opportunity to use this concept to reach younger children, Travis began creating a new series of videos for children ages 6-11. Creatively teaching the importance of kindness, acceptance and forgiveness was the foundation of this new series.

A meeting with Daniel in Coral Gables to discuss the new direction led to the beginning of a children’s ministry. Daniel, also dedicated to helping children through his church, offered his experience and creative video services at no cost as a way to contribute to the spiritual development of children.

The next directional change came when Travis visited lifelong friend Pastor Ken Scrubbs in Wildwood, FL. to show him the new program. Pastor Ken’s ministry life has been dedicated to children and he too recognized the power of using puppies to teach children about kindness.

Pastor Ken expressed his deep concern for secular and non-spiritual societal influences that were being integrated into some churches. These often-compromising influences were especially attractive to young children, but were not founded in Truth. Many of them, in fact, teach the opposite of what Jesus teaches us.

Both Travis and Ken agreed that using puppy behaviors to teach children about God’s Love was an extraordinary way to gain the children’s attention and trust. The pure wholesome behaviors of puppies are loving, accepting and forgiving. They concluded that once children know what God’s love is, and how to experience it, spotting the imitations would become much easier.

Ken and Travis have a history of re-entering each other’s lives just at the right time. It seems their entire history together had been setting the very foundation for this project. The two met regularly for 2 years shaping the program’s new direction, and in the process, LAF with God was born!

Travis, Daniel, and Pastor Ken exchanged ideas, shared experience, friendship, and collectively created their first series, Un-Leash God’s Love. All three were searching and praying for a more meaningful way to contribute to children’s lives. Prayer, chance meetings, puppies, and a major disruption brought them together with a common purpose.

Just a series of coincidences? Perhaps, but one thing is certain:

None of this would be possible without these events, each other, and God. When placed in the proper perspective, it looks much more like purpose than coincidence!


Speaking of Love

It is rare when one encounters a movement or an organization that has the potential to change the world. LAF with God is that. It’s new, fun, powerful and, at the same time, deeply Christian. In a culture of division, hatred and anger, it is also so needed and well-timed. Check it out. You will be glad I told you about it.
And then tell others. They will thank you!

Steve Brown,
Founder Key Life Network, Inc. and Bible Teacher