Children are being misled with lies and false promises.

The emotional discomfort, trials, and tribulations that come with childhood development are not permanent conditions that require labels, treatment, and resolution. To the contrary, these are golden opportunities for learning and spiritual growth.

With family support and faith, it is in our weaknesses that we grow and become spiritually strong. This natural process leads to the discovery of one’s true self, God’s Love, and purpose.

The downside of this process is that it also makes children extremely vulnerable to temptation. Especially when this temptation is presented as the answer to all of their problems.

There are those that are trying to treat the complexity of the childhood experience as if it were a disorder. They offer behavioral, medicinal, and/or carnal solutions with promises of immediate freedom and happiness. Children are offered a ‘magic cure’ that does not exist.

This misguided remedy takes away their innocence, and in many cases, stops children from going to their families and youth pastors for guidance.

This searching for who we are is not meant to be solved before it begins. It is meant to be encouraged, lovingly guided, and directed towards God, where it leads to growth, truth, loving relationships, and even rebirth.

Some are twisting the meaning of words to trick children.

There are forces in the world that are attempting to attract children with deceptive promises of acceptance, wholeness, and immediate relief from discomfort.

In most cases, they are twisting the meaning of words to accomplish this.  Words like love and acceptance have been weaponized. The meaning of these words is being distorted and misused.

These twisted versions of love and acceptance come with conditions. They require a binding commitment. One is persuaded to join with a like- minded ‘community’ or movement, and denounce those that do not agree with your life choices or beliefs. Typically, they are also pressured to abandon traditional, healthier, God centered practices.

Children are easy targets for those that would take advantage of their youthful naivete to push an agenda that is anything but loving and accepting.

Teaching children and youth in this environment has become more challenging than ever.

The Solution:  Un-Leash God’s Love

1 Corinthians 13

LAF with God creatively uses the pure, wholesome, and irresistibly cute behaviors of puppies to help teach children:

What Love is.

What Love is not.

And how to tell the difference!

Puppies are great teachers because they are Loving, Accepting, Forgiving, and playful. And like children, they are vulnerable, and in need of loving guidance.

Our programs, entertaining puppy videos, and free workshops also provide children’s ministers, youth pastors, teachers, and parents with an invaluable tool to help teach the real meaning of loving words, and how to apply them.

Once children know what God’s love is, and how to experience it, spotting the imposters becomes easy.

Providing a process to leads to God and Truth.

LAF (Love, Accept, Forgive) is not just a cute acronym, it is a God centered spiritual practice that children can easily understand and incorporate into their daily lives.

Prayerfully choosing love, acceptance, and forgiveness provides measurable results while teaching children exactly why and how to call upon Jesus for guidance and comfort.

The LAF process relies on love, 1 Corinthians 13, and Jesus’ teachings, to provide children with a memorable spiritual practice that will also help them recognize “the wolf in sheep’s clothing”.

Ironically, many of today’s negative influences practice the exact opposite of love. They often exhibit hate, intolerance, and vengeance under the guise of love and acceptance. These behaviors are easy to recognize, even for children, given the proper spiritual foundation.

Love is the goal. Accept, forgive, and pray is the way. Joy is the result!